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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a uniform?


Yes, our uniform is available to order in class from Auntie Gill. The uniform is only compulsory when taking an exam or presentation. You can purchase ballet and tap shoes in class or at a local dance shop. We also have personalised SDA hoodie's and T-shirts for sale.  


Are parents allowed to watch?


Parents/ guardians are welcome to watch classes for age 5 and under. Once the children reach age 5 (Preparatory classes) parents are asked to wait in the waiting room at the back of the hall. You are welcome to drop off children. 


Is the first class free?


Yes all classes in your first week are free of charge so you can have a try to see which classes work for you.

How are fees paid?


Fees are paid monthly by direct debit, fees are calculated for the rest of 2019 and then divided by the remaining months of the year.

Twist & Tone fitness classes are pay as you go and adult courses are invoiced in 6 week blocks. 

Class Prices

  • 30 min class £4.00 per class = roughly £12 per month

  • 45 min class £5.00 per class = roughly £15 per month

  • 1 hour class £5.50 per class =roughly £16.50 per month

  • 1 hour 45 min £8.50 per class = roughly £25.50 per month

  • 2 hour class £9.50 per class = roughly £28.50 per month


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