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GDPR and Privacy Policy

At Summerbell Dance Academy your privacy has always been of upmost importance to us. We aim to take all the necessary steps to hold only the minimum information on you and keep your data safe. With this in mind we have implemented the new GDPR compliance to make sure we are all up to date.

To do this we make sure that all the data that we collect is stored safely and securely and we will never share to a third party except for the necessary ones written into our policy (Such as HBC and IDTA examining body)

Any third party software we use we ensure do the same and are GDPR compliant.


What Information do we collect on you?

We only collect and store information that is relevant to providing our services to you. We collect student’s Name, Address, Date of Birth, Medical notes, parent’s contact number and parents email address

This data is stored within a database on our computer where a security protocol is in place


Other data

We send data to GDPR compliant third party IDTA for examination certificates and reports to be processed. Data is also sent to HBC for our performers licensing when students are participating in a production.

Other non-sensitive information which does not track you as an individual such as cookies are stored by google analytics and if you wish to opt out of this tracking our website offers you to do so upon visiting the site.

How do we use this information?

To be able to provide the best service we can for you. To keep you informed of the school’s next performances and events and to keep parents informed of their child’s progress within the school.

Unless you have opted into our mailing list then we will not email you any marketing material.

How to control the use if this information

If you wish to contact us about any of the data held then you can email us on and we can help you. If you wish to opt out of our mailing list then you can email us on and you will be immediately removed, no questions asked. If you feel that any information we hold in inaccurate then please contact us and we will rectify it straight away.

Data Breaches

If for any reason we find there has been a breach of your information we would inform you within 72 hours


For Further Information please read our full General Data Protection Regulation Policy here

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